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selfie meme samples

I gave up on humanity a long time ago, and I don't care what people think.

selfie memes

Alt of Angelica Perduta

Recovering from failed suicide, Angelica discovered the remnants of a person she used to be. She called that person Demonica and put me back together as best she could.

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As Melahi, I deal with the stalkers, haters, trolls and cyber bullies that target me IRL. None the less, my vision is to publish controversial insights and enable respectful dialog on my forums here. These forums are not hosted by the service provider, so please abide by Disqus terms and conditions when posting.

Self-support = splendid-isolation

Me and humanity

In society people marginalize others, never anything constructive to contribute. Even those who are logically my allies scoff and put me down for no reason. However I'm going to write about developing my own website in the I.T. section here anyway, even if it's only as my own reference.

they only ever put you down

Angelica and Demonica

angelica demonica
Indestructable mutual self lo♡e.