Why it matters and our right to reply.

Transgender memes

be that girl feminine instincts

Transgender is when one aspires to be the kind of person that your reproductive sex is statistically more likely to desire as a partner. Note that being a woman is about our role in life which should not be reduced to reproduction, and being someone's sex object.

The following meme is not one of mine, but it really speaks to me. It highlights the hypocritical sexist double standards about gender identity: Gendered behavior isn't about serving the self, but about owning complementary responsibilities in a symbiotic relationship.

sexual discrimination

MRA memes I like

hate male educating boys the opposition

Global patriarch conspiracy, to allegedly exploit female people is a paranoid delusional myth: Financial responsibility to provide for one's dependants as a wage slave to one's employer is hardly a position of supremacy and privilege.

slaving over a stove

Anti-feminist memes

be a real man contempt is deserved treat equal

Mamalian reproduction is more burdensome on the female, but far from being an imposition, that would somehow benefit the male, in contemporary humans this has become a woman's choice in which the male has little say, but mostly obligations to pay for the consequences of her choices.

oppressed by biology
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